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Survival Commands

Watch this page! New commands coming soon for the new Survival Worlds

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Server-Wide - Info - Voting Sites

Many players have asked for the opportunity to vote for us on server listing sites, and I am pleased to announce this...Read more

Survival Unique Features

Elemental Weapons

As some of you may have noticed, and I have talked...Read more

Survival World Descriptions

This set of worlds is one of the most popular on the server, and includes the standard Overworld, Nether and The End...Read more

Server-Wide Rules

This site and server are a place to have fun, and we don't want to make it any less fun by imposing loads of...Read more

Creative World Descriptions

The Creative worlds were where started - under it's first owner, Remy - and the rest of the server grew...Read more

Server-Wide Commands

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Survival Rules

(Rules that apply to everyone - even staff)

  1. The survival world is set to Hard difficulty - because that is how we
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Creative Commands

This list shows the commands available to all ranks in the creative worlds.

There are lists for individual ranks on the...Read more