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Recruit Thread For The Best Team

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Recruit Thread For The Best Team

Hello everybody Shulski here trying to recruit teammates for New Survival. Let me give you a few reasons you should join my team.

1. We are currently rolling in wealth and willing to share everything with new members [nothing will be off limits to anyone]
2. Plans are in the works to make a floating airship base which will be totally sweet and will definitely probably happen soon.
3. I've got the inside report that Cal uses very suspicious-smelling shampoo therefore, he is not worth teaming up with.

Now you might be saying to yourself, "Wow Shulski that sounds pretty rad and cool and your team is the best one and I should sign up for it!" but alas, I must regretfully inform you that there are certain qualifications to joining.

1. You must be willing to share all of your stuff since we're sharing ours.
2. You can't team be a spy and especially not working for Cal because at my team we do not like his kind.
3. If you think up a cool town name hit me up because I'm really pulling my hair out here and all I can think of is town names with the word "lemon" in it and that's no good, I mean can you imagine? If I named my town like that Ziggy would totally make fun of me for it and Cal would probably steal all of my potential members and that would certainly be very bad then I would look like a big ol' doof and be very embarrassed and then my precious reputation would be ruined and how would I recruit any teammates like that? I mean seriously it wouldn't end well.

Sincerely, Shulski.

PS. - Don't join Cal. He already has enough members.

[/msg me if you're interested! "Shulski" is my full IGN]