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Submitted by calamiTium on 27 July, 2017 - 06:18

To the people of,

You may have noticed a lack of our presence in and around the server as of late, and I would like to explain why. Due to changing circumstances in real life, and several disagreements between the current staffers, I have resigned my post as Admin of this server, and Jewce will be accompanying me. This was made effective 10 days ago, as of July 17th, however, I wanted to give Jabel an opportunity to report on this change to the community in his own words. Seeing as he has not responded to myself or Jewce, nor even taken the time to check up on the website since the time of our resignation, I have deemed it most suitable to deliver this news myself.

For the people who still play here, and are wondering about the future: Frankly, I don't have any answers for you. You'll need to direct any and all of your questions towards Jabel himself. Regarding Jabel's absences: He has a busy life, and often doesn't have time to administrate the server. Unfortunately, that is all I can tell you at this point; the rest is up to him.

I would also like to take this opportunity, for the second time, to thank the players and staff of the Jabelpeeps server for the memories we shared on this server. We managed to revive the RemyPas server in a way I had never even imagined was possible, thanks to the hard work and dedication from people who truly cared for this community. I wholeheartedly wish that this experience did not have to end in strife and conflict, but alas, all things must end somewhere. As for what I will do now; I have projects on the move unrelated to Minecraft that are beginning to monopolize my time. I may become unreachable for a while. If this is the case, know that I will eventually return to Discord, and if you wish to contact me, your best chance is there. Thanks for all the good times, and keep on gaming!

- Former Admin of the RemyPas/Jabelpeeps Server, calamiTium


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you will be missed, stinky canadian.